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By Dave Fratello | August 28th, 2009
If you judge by the scofflaws around town – even on The Strand! – MB residents haven't taken to these new water restrictions all that well. Some people routinely don't know what day it is, didn't get the memo, or don't care.

But we're not going to let a few bad apples ruin what our town has achieved: a 24% reduction in water usage in July, the first month of the restrictions.

That's not just a year-over-year comparison – it compares the average of the previous 4 Julys. That means the change in July 2009 was real. (Chart via the city of MB.)

Water use began to drop from the 4-year average in May, which the city thinks is due to awareness of the coming restrictions. We're thinking: not likely. But it's good work nonetheless.

Now, on a somewhat related topic – who was it complaining only last week about cold, cold Summer temps? Oh yes, your blog author.

And who calls A/C a silly luxury in a beach town with highs that rarely break out of the 70s? Yep, same one.

We'll keep the windows open, so perhaps the breezes can sweep across the increasingly brown lawn tonight.


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