Poll Results re: 1829 Poinsettia

By Dave Fratello | January 8th, 2008
On Saturday, MBC opened up the virtual bidding, in a way, on 1829 Poinsettia (see "Our First Pricing Poll").

Voting has closed and the results – from 159 votes – are presented here in graphical format. (Click to enlarge.)

There's little sentiment that the home is properly priced – even with that +/-5% wiggle room we attached to the answer. Only 5% of respondents thought that the current price of $1.575m is right.

Considering that the home was at $1.599m from late July through late October (3+ months) without a sale, the market has already spoken. Alas, there's this wrinkle: as we learned in the comments, the "low offer" the sellers received when the home was priced much higher was for $1.550m, so is that the market value, or was that just a flash in mid-year 2007?

The overwhelming sentiment here (70%) is for a price below $1.4m. A plurality of 37% chose the range of $1.25m-$1.4m. There are 3 recent Tree Section sales between $1.2m-$1.3m that compare unfavorably against 1829 Poinsettia, lending credence to this group's opinion on the current value – above $1.25m, but not too much.

This was our first experiment – a success in many respects, we think, but we have to work out some kinks regarding layout and learning how to ask the questions. We'll do it again soon. Thanks for your participation.

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