Poll Results re: 742 27th

By Dave Fratello | January 27th, 2008
On Friday, MBC described a Tree Section home we found pretty charming, which the listing called "Better Than New," and asked you to vote on how much it would sell for. (See the discussion of the home and comments by readers in "Pricing Poll: 742 27th.")

It turns out quite a few readers have seen the home at 742 27th. (Click address to see details via Redfin.)

In contrast to some of MBC's mostly positive comments, many found the living spaces dark with short ceilings, the crown molding detail imposing and, mostly, found the exterior to be an even bigger strike than MBC had let on.

We also learned – presumably from a trustworthy report – that the back yard wall will have to be moved in 2 feet by the new owner due to a property line encroachment. Yikes.

That said, a healthy 37% believed that the property will sell for $1.9m or more. Just 16% (part of that 37%) found the property's very new price of $2.1m compelling, however.

The favorite choice of a price range, garnering 42%, was $1.75m-$1.9m, with several people offering their idea of the sale price right in the middle of that range. Combine that result with the additional 17% who thought the home would close below $1.75m, and a large majority of 59% believed the final sale price would be below $1.9m.

This was the third of our 3 price polls so far, and it will be interesting when one of the featured homes actually goes into escrow to see how right this crowd has been. Our readership at MBC consists of realtors, active buyers, homeowners and lots of others with an interest in our local RE market. As a group, how wise are we? Time will tell.

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