A Quick Look at August

By Dave Fratello | September 21st, 2010
What happened last year in August?

MBC took an unannounced holiday from the MB Market Update spreadsheets. Turns out, that's a tough month to keep everything up to date.

But we emerged last September with a big change. We launched the new, online version of the spreadsheets – allowing at-a-glance views of activity in local market segments and clickable links to property descriptions.

This year, we also fell behind in August.

We've now climbed out of that hole, tightened up the spreadsheet content by knocking out deadwood, and we're providing a glance at the data below.

The mid-September update is right around the corner, and we're still looking at ways to improve our system.

Thanks for bearing with us. We know the updates are among the more popular features here.

In our independent market tracking, MBC recorded 21 new listings in the month of August, down quite a bit from 37 new offerings in July. There were fewer sales, 13 total new escrows for the whole month, among SFRs west of Sepulveda.
For more, see the August 2010 MB Market Update spreadsheets. Those are up online for your viewing and use by clicking here.

Total inventory was at 86 SFRs west of Sepulveda, partly reflecting a combined 13 cancellations and deadwood-clearings by MBC.

Inventory by sub-region west of Hwy. 1 (for more see the tracking page of the spreadsheets) broke out this way:
You can also take a tour of the solds from the month. Remember, closed sales are at the bottom of the screen:
That's an ultra-quick look at August. More soon on the current month.

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