A Real Pig

By Dave Fratello | July 6th, 2011
One of those posts we've never quite gotten around to would feature an array of dogs and cats that have made it into local listing photos. Perhaps one in 20 listings features a house pet trolling after the listing agent or photographer as they tour through a home, often appearing in several pics (the animal, not the listing agent).

Alas, we've only really written about a lass a little girl doll, Creepy Carrie, who was used to sell a recent Hermosa listing.

Today, we've found another kitty in the listing pics for a new MB offering at 860 12th Ct. (3br/2ba, 1200 sq. ft.).

She's pictured above, lounging on a rumply bed near a stack of clothes. (Unlike those "staged" home pics, you have to admit that a home is more honestly marketed when it looks like it is lived in.)

Here's what we didn't expect in the listing's final photo: What appears to be a real, live pet pig. Maybe napping. Or hiding. Not exactly "hogging" the spotlight, if you will. Well, modesty is an underrated virtue.

In case you were wondering, though the home's a smallish cottage (with updates), that 5000 sq. ft. lot does afford a "[s]izable backyard for kids, pets and parties." Of course it does. You should have seen Mr. Snout's birthday celebration just a few months ago.

860 12th Ct. is a short sale starting at $935k.

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