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By Dave Fratello | November 15th, 2019

It's always true that people like new construction.

The market keeps delivering new homes in Manhattan Beach, and one by one, they're finding their buyers.

In just over a month, here are the new builds that have made new deals:

559 31st Street Manhattan Beach CA559 31st (6br/8ba, 5000 sqft.) logged less than a week on the MLS.

It's a custom-styled spectacle of a home, down very near to Sand Dune Park.

Asking: $5.299M.

Taken right away.

409 3rd (5br/6ba, 4175 sqft.) didn't go nearly as fast.

The South End modern was first teased at $5.795M in 2018 while under construction, then debuting at that price in April this year, the home lingered.

After a series of price cuts and a re-list, it was at $4.595M when they struck a deal in late September.

221 19th Street Manhattan Beach CA221 19th (6br/7ba, 5650 sqft.) is a midtown walkstreet modern with a basement and style, style, style.

Boldly, they began at $10.000M, a number that could be achieved, but who could be sure?

It needed only about 5 weeks on the MLS to find a buyer.

424 1st (5br/5ba, 4400 sqft.), another South End new build, began at $4.995M in Summer.

The pleasant coastal style is right down the middle. Location on 1st St. and backing up to Robinson must have been a hitch.

They had cut down to $4.349M before making a deal.

210 Poinsettia Avenue Manhattan Beach CAA big Hill Section "coastal plantation" home at 210 S. Poinsettia (6br/6ba, 5500 sqft.) launched big at $8.500M in May.

It got stuck, though, cutting $1M in two cuts in September and October.

Getting down to $7.500M, and sending the signal that it was time to sell, made it happen.

A South End new modern TH at 218 1st Place (3br/4ba, 2000 sqft.) began at $3.999M in May '18, before complete.

That listing gradually cut to $3.549M, then there was a re-list.

The current version launched at $3.399M and is in escrow.

235 4th Street Manhattan Beach CAA South End modern on a walkstreet and on Highland at 235 4th (4br/6ba, 4135 sqft.) began at $8.300M in February, and had to cut $900K to $7.399M, but that worked.

They inked a deal in late October.

The most recent new construction deal: 653 27th (5br/6ba, 4765 sqft.), another $5M Tree Section new build.

It began at $5.350M in July, and had cut to $4.999M when a buyer came knocking.

All of that comes to a little over $47.5M in new builds finding buyers in just the last several weeks.

Oddly, at this time, none were in East Manhattan. There are 5 new homes looking for buyers east of the highway, from $2.8M-$5.3M.

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