Relistery Mystery

By Dave Fratello | July 10th, 2007
Here's the strangest re-list we've come across yet.

A $4.5m Sand Section home at 232 16th St. (corner w/ Highland) went up for sale May 24. The listing notably described the home as a "landmark."

Now, that listing (MLS #S947657) is canceled – often the immediate prelude to a bogus re-list.

Alas, 232 16th isn't back – 234 16th is. A new listing (#S950519) of the same home, same agent, same description, same price, has a different address.

A petty typo somewhere?

No, apparently – not that simple.

The old, canceled listing (most readers can't see this) has new text:
So they know they've switched the address. Maybe the old listing was wrong?

No, apparently. The L.A. County Assessor maintains that this property is at 232 16th. That's what is on the county map for the property ID# 4179-030-001. And that's the ID# given in the listing for 234 16th.

The newer listing also features a slightly different set of photos (better lighting, some better angles). One features the front steps: with the address of "234 16th." (This might be more readable with a click to enlarge.) There was no parallel photo in the first set with "232 16th."

There seemed little hope of unraveling this mystery, but, just in case, we checked the listing agent's website. There (scroll down to the 5th item), with the prominently displayed MLS#
S947657 (old, canceled #), was this home, address given as 234 16th.

Strange doings after just 47 DOM... what'll they resort to if they hit 90?

UPDATE 7/16: The home is also now for rent for $9,500/mo. on a "flexible lease" basis.

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