Sad Sand Sale Headlines Recent Closings

By Dave Fratello | October 26th, 2012
Among a few new closed sales, we see a compelling – and sad – Sand Section story come to a close.

Also, a big, high-up view lot in the Hill Section closes, and how 'bout an 80s house in the Trees?

300 7th • Endangered 1940s Duplex
300 7th St. has been the site of much controversy over recent years.

Now it will be the site of much construction.

The little 70-year-old duplex on this larger-than-average corner lot (3325 sq. ft.) seems headed for the dustbin. There's talk of a future-forward, high-end TH development headed to this site – inspired by the "British West Indies" style of that dreamy triple-lot house on the Strand. (See "Big, Beautiful, Too Much?")

The controversy around this site had to do with the (outgoing) owner griping about ocean views down 7th St. being obstructed. The owner felt that trees growing in front of 200-block houses across Highland imposed on the view potential. The parties could not agree, so the city got involved, and chopped the heck out of the trees – but not enough for the (outgoing) owner. (See "Duplex in View Dispute Now For Sale.")

Now the neighbors' vegetation will have to be the concern of new developer/owners at 300 7th.

They paid $2.0m for the lot – a markup, actually, over asking price of $1.899m.

1023 Duncan • Endangered 1950s Cottage
Surely you can get land in MB for less?

Well, don't look in the Hill Section.

1023 Duncan (10k sq. ft. lot) just fetched a lot more for land – though not more by the land square foot. It's still really something for dirt: $2.7m.

There are going to be some views to the west, and the plot is nice and flat – a nice asset for your architect and builder.

This land trade came together off market but just hit the MLS as a closed deal.

721 27th
Wow, it was back in early August when we first mentioned 721 27th (4br/3ba, 3450 sq. ft.), which had just gone into escrow off-market.

Lo, these many weeks later, they've closed for $1.7m.

That's a tad above the initial off-market/pre-market price of $1.675m. The sellers here were happy to lock in early before the home hit the MLS.

It's a 1980s house with updates in a pretty great location – a flat portion of a block that has a hill rise nearby.

Dave was among those chasing the property on behalf of clients once it was being discussed pre-market, but a buyer swooped in immediately with an all-cash offer, clearing the field at once. The property was barely exposed.

And now it's closed.

759 27th
We never got to see inside to compare it to 759 27th (4br/3ba, 3300 sq. ft.), another 80s house on the same block, which closed way back in March at  $1.589m.

We've said the sale at that remodel at 759 "looks downright non-crazy in a year that's got buyers feeling nervous" over tight inventory and upward price pressure. And that was in March!

So has this block increased around $100k for a like property this year?

You'd need a little more info on the condition at 721 27th to really gauge. We'll ask around.

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