Sex Sells

By Dave Fratello | March 9th, 2011
It wasn't quick by any means, but sometimes the good things take longer.

After on-and-off rumors over the months, they're ready to post a deal now at 1600 The Strand (3br/5ba, 5225 sq. ft.), the 80s modern that was teased here several weeks ago in "You Sexy Thing." That post featured the, achem, unique video hawking the property.

The listing has quite nearly hit 400 DOM. We first mentioned it at MBC 13 months ago in "More Strand Options," when the start price was $13.5m. The most recent list price was $12.499m.

We noted way-back-when that the start price for 1600 was well above the then-recent sale price on 1800 The Strand (5br/7ba, 5325 sq. ft.) which went for $11.65m in Aug. 2009. That was the highest sale price of that year – and one not exceeded in MB in 2010.

We hear tell that 1800 The Strand is also in escrow in an off-market deal that would close with a 12 in front – a little boost over '09. 

We don't know the terms of the current deal on 1600 The Strand, but it's slated to close in April.

As to that video, after MBC's post, it gained widespread traction online. With about 500 views on YouTube as of the time of our coverage, the video exploded online thereafter, and now stands at more than 7,150 views. Maybe that's not quite "going viral" – a hackneyed term that we prefer to see reserved for a limited number of true internet sensations – but it was impressive growth.

The actress now has something new to boast about to her friend on the cell phone. (Even if "Brad" didn't buy the house.) If she was smart, she worked on a commission basis. What's that? Didn't even consider it? Oooh, fire your agent, babe.

As we bid farewell to 1600 The Strand, it's certainly worth one last, good, long look at the artsy marketing pitch that may have pushed 1600 over the line.

As we warned before, maybe it's best to be sure the kids aren't watching.

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