Shuttle Over Manhattan

By Dave Fratello | September 21st, 2012
Sometimes local real estate is exciting, other times it's what's flying over our local real estate that's exciting.

Friday the Space Shuttle Endeavour toured all over California. Just minutes before touching down at LAX, it buzzed Manhattan Beach and Hermosa. We caught it from the South End and made this little video (45 seconds), including the excited cheers of neighbors as the spacecraft flew overhead.

On a personal note, your blog author here (Dave) goes a ways back with the Shuttle program. With dad having worked on the engines, we had early, advance exposure to the program in our family, even before the final designs were hammered out, or flying models built.

So it was quite something to witness the final flying moments of the last shuttle built.

Moreover, the video shows the orbiter passing over Robinson Elementary. By luck, one of the little MBCs was at school and outside at lunch as Endeavour roared overhead, piggybacking on its special 747. Junior's reaction:

It was as big as 10 of our schools. To see something that's been in space and on the moon a few times flying right over you, that's incredible. 
Nicely said, little guy. Some other day, we'll work on the history (no moon landings, sorry!).

Here's a cool link to a video of the landing at LAX via CBS-TV.

The Twitterverse is abuzz with photos from all over, including the South Bay. Use the hashtag #spottheshuttle.

Curbed LA has these 21 photos of the shuttle "Flying Over LA Things."


Got photos or videos for us to link to? Just email Dave, we'll add links here.

GREAT video with some zoom-in taken from the MB Pier.

Nice video from around Marine/Strand showing MB Pier in foreground.

Another video from midtown MB.

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