The Strand for a Mil, or 10

By Dave Fratello | March 5th, 2009
No question, if someone says you can live on The Strand in MB for about $1m, that's worth investigating.

And this week, it's officially an option.

A not-so-small TH at 4305 The Strand (click for pics & details via Redfin) is offered at $1.199m.

Of course, it's not huge, at 2br/2ba, 1750 sq. ft. And you're joined to other units.

But the space is respectably remodeled, bright and fresh. (Check it out.) Do you really need us to talk about the huge ocean views?

Locationwise, there's not much of MB further north. This is El Porto, er, El Norte, and that's got its downside, but you can cure that with price. Something with a 1 in front is presumptively reasonable.

4305 The Strand will be open this weekend, but we'll be a bit surprised if it's available next week.

On a different note, a brand-new Strand manse is also new to the market. 1712 The Strand maxes out square footage (at 4500 on a 3300 sq. ft. lot) but not bedrooms, offering just 3. (There's an office, too, which we've claimed as MBC headquarters should a few things go very, very right.)

New on The Strand. Yes, it's pricey. Starts at $10.5m.

There was a time, pre-market, when another $2m was a part of this price, but that was just a whisper.

Maybe there was even some hope that this one would never have to go public. But if you are looking for the absolutely top-tier would-be MB buyers, ask some of the agents with grand Hill Section estates how things are going. The whales are passing by these days, not lingering.

We're curious how many months or years have passed since a speckie on the Strand was offered up like this. Such things are rare and, therefore, not in MBC's 2-year dataset.

It's interesting, regardless, that both entry-level buyers and titans of industry have some new options to explore on the beachfront in MB. Who will move fastest?

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