That's 3 Laps Completed

By Dave Fratello | March 15th, 2010
Today, MBC turns 3.

And this will be a year of change.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve already seen a lot of change. We like to think of it as evolution.

Back in 2007, it was more of a revolution. No one else was standing up and saying that the go-go days of the bubble were over, and that prices in MB were coming down. And no one was quite as committed to making local real estate information transparent. 

In our first months and years, we wound up fighting some battles, finding this little website both loved and hated. Through a curious and unexpected series of circumstances, we went from a couple of readers, to a few readers, to dozens and then many hundreds. (Readers told MBC in our recent survey that, overwhelmingly, they heard about the site from family, friends or coworkers; thanks!)

Along the way these 3 years, we've learned how to find local real estate data and use it to tell a story. It's a constantly shifting, complex story about what's going on in our little corner of the universe... a couple of square miles of wonderful real estate west of Highway 1.

We've seen rallies and valleys, and we've speculated together on what might come next. It's an endlessly interesting work in progress.

Speaking of what's next:

This year, we'll pursue more technical improvements to the website. It's nice, but it could be bigger and better.

We'll also try to expand our coverage. As you know, MBC now covers only SFRs west of Sepulveda, leaving out a substantial amount of activity in our fair city, and in nearby areas of equal interest to many readers.

And we are brewing other changes big enough to require a lot more time to develop and, later, explain, than we've got here now.

When and if we make it to the end of 4 years – that's never a certainty with a hobbyist's blog – maybe we'll look back at these very words as a turning point.

OK, time for some cake!

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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