The Importance of Staging... The Driveway

By Dave Fratello | February 12th, 2015

2412 John Street Manhattan Beach CAOne of the most inspired examples of staging we've seen recently has zero to do with the interior of the home for sale.

It's the driveway at 2412 John that caught our eyes here.

This is a new listing for new construction on a prime street of the Manhattan Beach Tree Section.

The two cars in the driveway tell you a lot about the house, and the inspiration behind it.

A new Tesla. A '62 Porsche.

Old and new. Yin and yang.

The good life.

The cars perfectly advertise the home, because it's a brand-new, from-the-ground up home built lovingly in a throwback mid-century style, with modern conveniences and upgrades. With a "sustainable" and low-key sensibility, the home also sports solar electrical, radiant heating and a high-efficiency hot water system.

So the Porsche (a 365 Cabriolet, by the way) speaks to the home's lineage, and the Tesla to the fact that the home's all-new and leaning green.

We spoke to the builder about the photo, and he confirmed that it took some doing to wrangle the proper cars for the shot. But what great inspiration. We're glad to see he carried it off. (With a little help from some friends.)

2412 John Street Manhattan Beach CAAs to the home, here you've got a big, wide-open great room, with disappearing doors opening back to a paved patio. Transom windows line most of the home, allowing plenty of light with privacy.

Everything is sharp and modern, minimalist, never flashy or boastful.

In a world where so much new & spec construction is all about maxing out – jamming in 5 or more bedrooms, no matter what, building out a basement/media room, etc. – this is a new home that simply takes a more modest approach.

It's trying to be the type of home that you can be proud of, with its green aspirations and its knowing nods to some of what was best about the past.

Want to see more? The first public open house is tonight (Thursday), from 5-8pm.

2412 John starts at $2.799M.


Side note: This is the second time this week that MBC has featured a convertible Porsche. We wish to assure Mrs. MBC that this is not an obsession that might shortly lead to us having a new car in the family.

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