Tree Section Compound Is Top Sale Again

By Dave Fratello | April 21st, 2016

Let's be clear right away: Building 3305 Pine was a crazy idea.

3305 Pine Avenue Manhattan Beach CAWell, back that up. 3305 Pine used to be just one house, and building that one wasn't crazy. Acquiring the home next door and making the two homes together into a compound – that was a little crazy.

Oh, but it's the kind of crazy that people can really, really like.

And now, twice, 3305 Pine has become the tippity-top sale in the Manhattan Beach Tree Section outside the Martyrs area. It has just closed this week for $6.750M.

Look closely: That's $3.375M per house for two homes that are awfully far north and east within the Trees to command those kinds of prime prices.

That's because the compound had become more than the sum of its parts. More on the home in a moment.

The last time this 2-home complex sold, in August 2012, its $4.200M sale price had never been hit by any Tree Section sale outside the American Martyrs neighborhood.

3311 Elm Avenue Manhattan Beach CAAfter that, 3 recent sales have eclipsed the $4.200M number outside Martyrs (click any address for more info):

3311 Elm (6br/7ba, 5165 sqft.) (pictured), new construction on a super-sized lot – not far away from the Pine compound, at $4.569M in Feb. 2015;

750 30th (5br/7ba, 5070 sqft.), new construction with a basement in a good location just one block from prestigious 31st St., at $4.500M in June 2015; and

2900 Ardmore (5br/7ba, 4450 sqft.), new construction in a "modern Farmhouse" style (on Ardmore!) at $4.375M in January 2016.

For now, 3305 Pine should be safe up at the top again for a while. The $6.750M sale is 48% higher than the next-highest. (It's also 61% above the 2012 sale of the same property.)

Now, what makes this complex such a rare find to keep trading for such big bucks? Look inside and find out:


In the words of that promotional video: "3305 Pine Avenue is the physical manifestation of balance for our modern times. Because it offers not just one, but two dwellings that work together. The main home nourishes your family with all life's essentials. A companion structure adds the kind of amenities you'd find at a world-class resort... This isn't a house. It's the ultimate family ecosystem.""

Put another way: One house for living, one for playing. 

The second home features a lagoon pool, garage converted to full-fledged pro gym, massage room & sauna (yes), basement home theater and top-floor entertaining room with a bar and disappearing doors to a balcony opening to that lagoon.

It's a property without a comp, really. You find estate type homes with similar features in the Hill Section and a couple of small pockets east of the highway, and that's it.

If this home happens to be in the Tree Section north of Valley and east of Pacific – yes, outside the Martyrs area – so what? It's a special kind of place. And that matters.


Video displayed with permission. Please see our blog disclaimer.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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