Trulia Terrible for MB Searches

By Dave Fratello | June 27th, 2007
Not so long ago, property search engine offered a nice "widget" for bloggers that MBC considered using.

By dropping a little code into the template, we could offer viewers a "search box" into which readers could easily type an address and pull up info.

It turns out that Trulia is truly terrible. At this hour, a Trulia search for SFRs in MB 90266 pulls up 36 entries. By contrast, a ZipRealty search pulls up 121.

The Trulia results are not just skimpy, but several are simply wrong. For instance, try to find 7 Highland Ave. on a map. Oops, it's in Connecticut! But it's one of those 36 you will pull up in MB 90266 on Trulia. Or try looking up 770 N. Bayview Drive, which clearly shows up as MB – turns out you can't get a home for $120k on the South End, because this one is in Georgia.

The "active" SFRs include homes that are pending or sold, listings for which the location is given as "address withheld" and others for which the price appears to have been entered wrong.

In sum, Trulia is a disaster for someone trying to get a handle on the current RE market in Manhattan Beach. So we won't post the search box, and we'll hope against hope that Trulia gets its act together. We know something about why their system is so abysmal, but this points up the broader problem of online property searches, too, an issue we'll tackle again soon.

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