Try, Try Again - It Might Sell

By Dave Fratello | February 23rd, 2021

Perseverance isn't just a rover roaming around Mars.

It's an attitude associated with success.

Home hasn't sold? Keep trying.

We're seeing listings that have been around the block making a splash early this year, making deals that might have felt out of reach earlier.

637 17th Street Manhattan Beach CA637 17th (6br/5ba, 3500 sqft.) is a late 90s traditional home on one of the truly great blocks of the Tree Section.

Specifically, this is probably the prestige block of the Martyrs area, which is saying something.

The home first came out around Labor Day last year, while the market was sizzling.

Hot market, hot location. How long would it take?

Launched at $4.390M, and swiftly adjusted to $4.195M, the answer was... 3 full months with no sale.

The solution? New agent, new price, more time.

Asking $3.999M since December, 637 17th now has a buyer after about 10 weeks of the second listing.

316 34th Street Manhattan Beach CA316 34th St. (4br/4ba, 2040 sqft.) is a half-lot SFR with some big views at the top.

The home's been remodeled and has an open top floor to drink in those views. Risk of blockage to the views seems minimal, due to the hotel in front and the slope below.

This one launched at $2.949M in June last year, but missed the sizzling market of Summer and Fall, quitting at $2.870M in October.

Returning in late January at $2.880M, the home had a deal in 10 days.

Look down south.

84 Manhattan Avenue Manhattan Beach CA84 Manhattan Ave. (3br/4ba, 2175 sqft.) somehow also missed the sizzling Summer and Fall markets of last year. (Who knew anything didn't sell?)

Maybe it was price?

The listing ran from early July through Christmas at $3.450M, then quit.

This year, the listing needed just 15 DOM to sell.

Oh, right, there was a $200K cut to $3.250M before the restart in late January. That helped.

Not everyone had to cut, though.

319 34th Place Manhattan Beach CALook at 319 34th Place (3br/4ba, 2000 sqft.).

This one had two substantial listings in 2020, (47 days and 102 days), plus a super brief one before that.

Prices ranged from $2.625M down to $2.549M.

While that didn't work, in 2021, it was time to try again. 

The list price of $2.599M could have been risky, but things worked this time.

There was a deal in 4 days.

1350 23rd Street Manhattan Beach CAOne of the classy new crop of new/newer construction in East Manhattan, 1350 23rd (5br/5ba, 4800 sqft.) endured a near-death experience in late January.

(Sure, that's an overstatement, but this is a blog.)

What happened was that a 4-month pending escrow failed. That's anguish.

So what did the sellers do?

They tried a little perseverance.

And a price increase.

The listing had made two deals in 2020 at a list price of $3.950M.

For 2021, they raised it $50K to $4.000M.

No worries. It was back in escrow in 10 days.

101 Highland Avenue Manhattan Beach CAThey're trying perseverance out over at 101 Highland (4br/4ba, 2050 sqft.) in the South End.

This '03 corner-lot townhome has some views and, yes, that's really 4br in just 2000 sqft., a rare find.

It ran last August through year end, asking $2.999M down to $2.949M.

It was back for 6 weeks starting in January this year with a new agent, and a higher price: $3.000M.

The first "version" of the listing canceled Sunday, but here it is back again with the same agent at the same price: $3.000M. (Yep, that's a bogus re-list.)

As the Spring market takes shape, they'll have a fighting chance.

Though you hope they'll just persevere, and not cancel-and-refresh every so often.

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