The Vision Thing

By Dave Fratello June 21st, 2011.

Sometimes, the home they're selling isn't the home you'd want. But imagine the possibilities!

(Don't look over here, look over there.)

One of our favorite sub-genres of listings is the home that comes with plans for something different.

MBC looked at this phenomenon quite a while back in "They've Got Plans," featuring 3 separate listings that touted plans for future new builds or remodels on the properties.

As it stands, 2808 Manhattan Ave. (4br/4ba, 3300 sq. ft.) didn't sell with the plans, but did sell after the (awesome) new modern was completed.

The lot w/ plans was offered for $1.799m in 2008, while the completed home sold for $2.9m in January this year.

626 Rosecrans was a little 1br/1ba, 600 sq. ft. home that was surprisingly spiffy, clean and well-staged when offered in '08, but it was 600 square feet! 

Progress demanded more, and the sellers knew it, so they offered "plans for a large 2000sf addition" with the property. 

Though the snazzy shack sold for $772k, the plans were ditched – just like the shack – and a completely new home was built instead.

Much more recently, 432 10th (3br/4ba, 3015 sq. ft.) hit the market (April 2011) and inspired a minor fervor.

MBC called it "a near-perfect execution of a walkstreet home, with its entire first floor dedicated to entertaining, flowing out to a big front patio and all the walkstreet action." The home's extremely close to downtown and featured a somehow Craftsman-inspired, Hawaiian-Caribbean style that is beautiful, casual and boundary-breaking. Terrific.

Oh, but there was this problem. 

With just 2 stories and 3br, the home failed to maximize the lot and didn't have enough sleeping space for most potential buyers.

This became a drag on the potential sale, so the sellers went out and got specific plans and construction cost estimates to add a fourth bedroom. The pitch for the home was amended to feature this in all caps (WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING?) at the beginning.

And guess what? The home found a buyer. Last list: $2.599m.

Now we turn to what may be the toughest case of this bunch.

2920 The Strand (7br/7ba, 5675 sq. ft.) last traded in July 2006 for $9.0m.

The big home on a corner lot-and-a-half has been offered for sale, without much seriousness, almost constantly since June 2009. That's almost 2 full years with just about 5 weeks off. (See last October's "Current DOM Champs.")

We've previously described 2920 The Strand as "a home with some virtues (location! size!) but plenty of issues." It's currently offered at $10.995m, basically $2m over 2006.

Now the listing points to an architect's video rendering of a reimagined 2920 The Strand.

The video purports to ask and answer the question: Wouldn't this home make a great, totally different home?

Maybe so. Meantime, there's certainly some credit due here for going much further merely referencing "conceptual plans" in a listing description.

Now about that $11m asking price...

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