West of Sepulveda Under $1.5M?

By Dave Fratello | February 12th, 2016

Wow, the Manhattan Beach real estate market is really slowing down.

Ha ha.

That may be fanciful, but we do see a couple of new options west of Sepulveda at or under $1.5M, which has been since... forever, it seems.

717 35th Street Manhattan Beach CA717 35th (2br/2ba, 950 sqft.) is asking $1.495M.

It's a charmer, if a bit small.

The larger-than-typical 5400 sqft. lot is street-to-alley, a nice plus.

OK, almost all of that value is in the land, and it might be low. Still, what an encouraging start.

But hey diddle diddle, it's not even the ONLY new listing under $1.5M.

There's also the next-door neighbor, 713 35th (2br/1ba, 1000 sqft.), boasting the same basic attributes (home size & lot size), and the same asking price: $1.495M.

Buy two for $3M and start building a compound.

(Or if you'd rather pay $3M for one lot, there's always 1812 Agnes, new to market at $2.995M.)

At a triflingly higher price, $1.499M, there's another new Tree Section option under $1.5M.

3608 Walnut Avenue Manhattan Beach CAIt's 3608 Walnut (5br/2ba, 1665 sqft.), offering more house on a smaller lot (4640 sqft.).

It is, as they say in the listing, an "opportunity" and a "blank canvas," which means dated and needing a lot, but not necessarily a scraper.

Just a couple of doors up off Rosecrans and pretty far east, it's still a lot of house for the money these days without being literally on Rosecrans or along one of the stretched of Oak Ave. that typically garner lower prices.

In escrow now in the Trees under $1.5M:

1813 Oak (2br/1ba, 1000 sqft., 4480 sqft. lot) at $1.399M

3525 Oak (3br/2ba, 1200 sqft., 4650 sqft. lot) at $1.389M

3513 Oak (3br/2ba, 1775 sqft., 4650 sqft. lot) at $1.395M

Plus two in El Porto (list prices under $1.5M):

205 40th (2br/1ba, 800 sqft., 1400 sqft. lot) at $1.425M

131 Kelp (2br/2ba, 1400 sqft., 1350 sqft. lot) at $1.495M

Now, about that market slowdown and cooling... so far in 2016, it's been just as clear and present as El Niño.

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