What Britney Saw

By Dave Fratello | October 31st, 2007
South-Enders, Hill Section residents, and Hermosa folks, get ready for a rude surprise.

To the east, Manhattan Village residents, you can take a quick breath, but don't think this is over for you yet.

We have a photo (via x17online.com) that shows Britney Spears fingering through a brochure for 2805 Tennyson Place, a Hermosa Beach home in the hills just a smidge south of MB – west of Sepulveda, barely north up off Gould, and (of course) up east from Valley. Obviously, she's interested.

This large (5br/6ba, 5900 sq. ft.) home plus guest house, on a highly unusual 1/2 acre lot (with ocean views), is listed at $8.585m. You can probably believe the text of the recent Beach Reporter ad (click the last picture in the sequence to see the whole ad):
It's like living at a Four Seasons.
Moreover, the home offers "exceptional privacy and security," along with a "world-class media room" and "a vintage Irish pub."

2805 Tennyson Pl. is perhaps the only home in the greater Manhattan-Hermosa area that makes obvious sense for a Britney type.

She can get lost on the compound and not bother anyone else, except for during her drives back and forth to (we hope!) the Hermosa Pier area. (We're confident that Shade will throw Britney out permanently no later than the third visit.)

There's no guarantee Britney's taking this one, but the listing has gone "on hold" in the last couple days. (That means, at least, that we can't link to it.)

Why is Britney even looking around here? A commenter here on MBC says she's got family somewhat nearby (Marina Del Rey, where another commenter spotted her shopping earlier). We'll take those reports at face value.

Another commenter said that word was she was touring in Manhattan Village, which ain't our favorite place, but it is gated, and it's where a fair share of sports stars and minor celebs choose to nestle.

Look, MBC has no interest in becoming a "Britney Blog," but as long as this particular hurricane threatens landfall in MB, we're going to track it.

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