What a Difference a Year Makes

Posted by Dave Fratello on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 at 3:29pm.

Seems like only yesterday that we last saw 2808 Elm (5br/4ba, 3225 sq. ft.) for sale.

In fact, it was March 2011, the end of a 2-month run on the market not unlike the property's prior 3-month run in mid-2010.

That's right, twice in recent times they tried to find a buyer for this newer (2006) Cape Cod that's light, bright and cheery, and even has something of a yard. (More than you'd expect on a 4480 sq. ft. lot.)

Twice it didn't work.

And now here we are again, a different landscape, buyers clamoring for Cape Cods, and – what's that? – it's on the market at a higher price than last year.

Purchased new at the peak for $2.415m in Nov. 2006, this one was offered publicly for prices ranging from $2.049m in 2010 down to $1.979m last year.

And now: $2.199m to start. And yet this year, you wouldn't bet against them coming close to getting that. What a difference a year makes, right? 

There's no Cape Cod competition for this one right now. For a short time recently, slightly smaller 1700 Elm was up on public offer, also at $2.199m. That listing is canceled, but we wouldn't be surprised if they'd still entertain offers.

If you can roll with the locations for either of those Cape Cods, you can have the house you're looking for, but there will likely be a 2 in front. At 2808 Elm, that's quite a development, since last year they couldn't get a nibble under 2.
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