What Goes Up Comes Down

By Dave Fratello | May 28th, 2010
A 3-month old Sand Section listing may have now set a record for most frequent tweaks to the list price.

With 10 separate list prices already over 83 DOM, it'll be hard for any other listing to compete with 445 32nd for the title, but there's half a year left.

Oh, and 445 32nd may not be finished yet.

It all started March 5, when 32nd (3br/2ba, 1900 sq. ft.) debuted at $1.4m.

It was clear, though, that the market was heating up by then.

So the price was suddenly increased by 1071%. Yes: $15,000,000.

But that was a typo. Later the same day, the price was up to (down to?) $1.5m.

Realizing that overpricing the property was not working, the agent/owner dropped it back down to $1.45m just 5 days later.

And the next week, since there were no buyers yet, she increased the price again to $1.490m.

You can see the whole progression – or regression – after that over to the right here, courtesy of Redfin's property display page.

Down, up, down again, down and finally down to $1.4m on Thursday, back where it started.

So is it now some kind of deal?

Well, was it in March?

We wish we could tell you more about the property, but it hasn't been on your blog author's touring list and the pics are among the worst in recent memory. You can say "fire your agent" all you want here, but it's not going to happen.

There are some hints in the description:

The house is old but kitchen and Master were updated 12 years ago... It is very Pottery Barn with a/French/Italian Farmhouse style. Light and airy with skylights in most rooms. Live in now and build your dream house later.
But these are just hints. Is it updated or a scraper ("build your dream house later")? Is it French or Italian? Pottery Barn or Farmhouse?

If or when they find a buyer for 32nd – it's also up for lease – will it be closer to $1.4m or $15.0m? We're thinking the lower end of that spectrum.

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