Whatcha Got?

By Dave Fratello | March 22nd, 2012
If you're reading regularly, you know that real estate inventory in MB has been tight for months. Too many buyers, too few options.
The blog author, Dave Fratello, also represents several buyers who are among those looking. These are very well-qualified buyers and great families who just aren't finding what they need.

So we're just going to straight-up ask: Have you got something our buyers might want?

MBC's readership includes hundreds of local homeowners, residents and agents, not to mention plenty of people monitoring our market for the possibility of buying in some day.

So who can help us connect the great families we know with the homes they're looking for?

Here is an overview of our clients' Wanted Properties:

MB Trees: 4-5br, ~3000 sq. ft., good location, with a real yard. Value $1.5m-$1.9m. Grand View district a plus, or near Martyrs/downtown.
Sand Section Plateau (400 blocks, 27th-34th St.): Large home (5br and about 4000 sq. ft.), value in the range of ~$1.8-$2.3+. Elevator a plus. 
Tree Section near Sand Dune (500-700 blocks): Large, newer home with 5br and 3300+ sq. ft.; more is better (large family). Separate office and/or media room a big plus. Value up to ~$2.4m.
Smaller Tree Section house (3br OK): real yard, decent location, 1600-2500 sq. ft.  (Grand View district a plus.) Turnkey or light need for remodeling/updates. Value up to ~$1.4m+.
Tree Section near Martyrs/downtown, or Sand Section: 3-4br+, with yard, walkable to town/beach a priority, $1.5m-$2.5m. Good condition with some remodeling needed OK, not major rebuild/expansion. Hill Section near town also possible.
 • Sand Section with ocean views, preferably west of Highland, up to $4m, elevator a major plus.
Newer Cape Cod/Crafstman:  High-quality, stylish Cape Cod in a good location east or west of Sepulveda. 4-5br, ~3000 sq. ft, with decent yard. Value up to or near $1.9m.
If you're a potential seller, or an agent with a pocket/upcoming listing, or if you otherwise have a tip for us on properties that may meet these criteria, please email Dave / address: MBWatcher [ at ] gmail.com. Thanks!

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