When/How Were You Warned?

By Dave Fratello | March 14th, 2011
Just a few months ago we dabbled with humor – such as it was – on the subject of the tsunami threat to Manhattan Beach. (See "Holiday Gifts for MB'ers.")

The serious issue addressed in a cheeky way there was the question of how, exactly, we're supposed to receive adequate warning of an approaching tsunami. The closer you are to the beach, obviously, the greater the peril, and the more urgent the question.

Last week's tsunami watch locally was, thankfully, basically a dry run. Points far north of here took serious hits, but if anyone noticed a blip in the South Bay, it hasn't hit our radar. (See MB Patch's brief on the tsunami "cancelled due to lack of interest.")

Our new poll questions are meant to address this issue of notification. No humor this time. 

Please take a moment to answer one or both questions: How did you first hear of the local tsunami warning, and when?

We think your answers will be illuminating, for the next time.

Also, please share your stories and thoughts here as well.

Our story: Your blog author here caught the news of the big quake in Japan just before bed on Thursday night, wondering only for a moment about tsunami ripples across the Pacific. By morning, maybe our first hint that something was up was the presence of news helicopters overhead – usually not a good sign. That made the connection: They're here to watch the waves! Soon thereafter, there were emails, tweets and radio news announcements all conveying the potential threat, and expected arrival times.

We're most curious how you first heard the real news that a tsunami warning was in effect. But based on our own experience, it sure seems that multi-channel communications kick in pretty quickly, too.

We'll run this poll for 4 full days, till 8pm Thursday, and share the results soon.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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