Where's Homer, Again?

By Dave Fratello | March 24th, 2008
Here's hoping you had a great Beachster Sunday.

We've got plenty to cover this week, but we're going start on a more whimsical note, with a different sort of poll. This one will test readers' knowledge of the back streets and hidden corners of MB.

The idea for this poll comes out of the fact that there's now a second listing of the year on Homer (225 Homer). Well, we know where Homer is, but we had lived in MB quite a while before we saw that street. We wondered how many other MB residents even know there is a Homer in town.

Another listing at 131 Kelp posed the same sort of question for us before: Do people know where Kelp is?

Here's how the poll works: You can select multiple answers. We're asking which of the fairly obscure streets – all west of Sepulveda – that are listed in the poll you already know and could locate, more or less, if you had to. (Could you give someone directions?) Vote for all of the streets you know, and leave blank the ones you really don't know.

This is both a test-your-knowledge quiz and a way to generate a result that might be interesting: MB's most obscure street. The street with which the fewest readers claim any familiarity will "win" as the city's most obscure. Poll closes Weds. nite at 8pm.

We will then find a way to recognize this distinction and perhaps bring the street out of the shadows.

Find this concept entirely too vapid? Check out Kaye Thomas' new post on the end – or redefinition – of "starter homes."

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