You Wish These Photos Would Say Less

By Dave Fratello | September 15th, 2007
A surprise entry into the glutted Tree Section $2m+ segment is a lot sale at 616 19th.

For this 5,200 sq. ft. lot, just up 19th off Ardmore at the bend across from Live Oak, the sellers would like $2.1m.

A few free yuks today from a few dreadful photos. MBC's favorite is featured to the right, but the whole set (of 4) can be seen by clicking here. And if you like virtual tours, you'll find the darling music on this one quite a contrast to the visuals.

Now, we know this one is not being pitched as a beauty – but still, pics highlighting the nearby intersection seem foolhardy. (Or are they honest, and therefore deserving of praise? Hmmm.) MBC is pretty sure this is the first virtual tour ever to hone in on a stop sign.

These pics are bad, but in a different way than the set for expensive new construction at 570 27th, mentioned in this story last week. In that case, the pics were supposed to help sell the glamorous new house.

On the details for 19th, it seems the only way that $2.1m pencils out as a good lot price is if you can later sell new construction at $4m+.

Both prices seem steep, since, location-wise, this is no 524 15th – a comparable recent sale where builders were bidding (though a remodeling-minded buyer took it). For now, this is the only teardown in the Trees over $2m.

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