$19M New on The Strand

By Dave Fratello | September 2nd, 2015

If you walk by 104 The Strand right now, you'll just see a deep hole, some shoring, the beginning of a skeleton of a house. Busy crews are working to make it so much more.

Now, they're working for someone new: A buyer.

104 The Strand Manhattan Beach CAThat's because the spec project under way there at 104 The Strand has officially posted a deal. They're in escrow as of Wednesday morning with a list price of $18.900M. (We're posting artful renderings from the MLS now, not actual photos.)

Back in May this year, the high-gloss spec project first hit the market at $17.990M. Then the price went up. Someone might be saying now, "Darn, I coulda saved a million bucks."

104 The Strand Manhattan Beach CAYou may recall way-back-when, about 18 months ago, when the lot at 104 The Strand came out asking $8.000M (a sum we called "princely" at the time, but a figure we had also predicted several months prior).

In fact, the lot sold for $9.500M with multiple offers, and now looks like a steal. (It is all relative.)

While the plans for this new house were being drawn up, the lot was offered in 2014 for $13.500M – in case anyone wanted to just hand the would-be developer his profit before he stuck a shovel in the ground.

And if you had rolled your eyes at $13.5M, what, then, do you say now to recent Strand lot sales like 304 The Strand at $14.000M?

(You might say, simply, "Darn, that's a lotta money being thrown at the Manhattan Beach waterfront.") 

Let's speculate that the new house at 104 The Strand really will sell for that list price, pennies shy of $19M.

614 The Strand Manhattan Beach CAIt casts a curious light on the not-exactly-a-lot-sale listing at 614 The Strand, another South End plot, although one with a small, livable place on site.

They cut a tiny bit this week to "only" $18.000M.

Golly, it sure looks nice to get a whole house for just a little more.

It's all relative.

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