Last South End Strand Lot Will Sell

By Dave Fratello | January 3rd, 2014

It's like watching the last domino get ready to fall.

Now that 104 The Strand is up for sale (at a princely $8.0M), we're about to see the end of the last holdout from the recent redevelopment wave down south.

Once they scrape and rebuild on this site, there will be no small or original homes left south of 3rd St.

The "oldest" home south of 3rd, if we want to call it "old," will be the early-90s modern at 120 The Strand (at the corner with 2nd).

It seems there's no other stretch of the Manhattan Beach Strand that's been so uniformly redeveloped in recent years.

It doesn't take too far of a reach back into memory to recall the original bungalows once occupying a super-size space at 2nd/The Strand where, now, you find a gorgeous triple-lot home. (Legally 212 The Strand.)

Or, next door to those bungalows, the crusty originals at the former 204 & 208 The Strand, which were combined a few years ago for a double-lot Strand home. (With $12.8M in for dirt, just for starters.)

And now in the 100s (pictured), you see they've completed work on 112 The Strand and are under way on a re-build at 108 The Strand. 104 is obviously the one that's not like the others.

Looking at values, 112 The Strand sold back in May 2010 with a livable late-80s house for $7.334M, but the buyer saw the value only in the plot.

Neighboring 108 The Strand sold in October 2012 for $7.050M – also with a livable house, also purely for the buyer's interest in the land.

Up at 204 & 208 The Strand, the land prices were in the 6's, but that was 2009. 

So $8.000M for the dirt at 104 The Strand would be a new high for the immediate area.

(As we noted in "Strand Modern Endangered?" – and were reminded here today in the comments – 2316 The Strand sold for $8.700M this past Fall, and while there's an epic house there, it's impractical and apparently will come down, making that a very big-dollar Strand lot sale.)

As to the South End, why, it was only this past March (2013), in "Knocking Down the South End Strand," that MBC featured the building activity at 108 and 112 The Strand, and opined:

[T]he next South End Strand lot just got pricier, with all that the neighbors have done to upgrade the neighborhood. An 8+ number just doesn't seem out of the question, when and if there is a next sale.

Here's that next sale.

Scarcity meets an upward trend line. Strap on that seat belt. Bidding begins in 10 days.

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