A 2nd Deal?

By Dave Fratello | June 30th, 2009
It has been only a week since we last mentioned 132 2nd, and they've now got a deal. (Property can still be viewed while in "backup offer" status.)

As you'll recall from "Riches Slip Away," the sellers here have seen a $6m+ deal come and go.

Last list price: $3.795m.

Acquisition price (April 2005): $3.5m.

Do what you have to do, you might get a deal.

That's not the only recent west-of-Highland sale in the Sand Section.

The other is 209 16th, a sorta-duplex listed with SFRs, last at $2.699m. (Property can still be viewed while in "backup offer" status.)

Interestingly, this one, like 2nd, was also acquired in early 2005 (March) for a little less than the most recent list price: $2.535m.

So there's some action near the beach, and we'd bet trades pretty close to 2005 prices, again – assuming they close.

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