33rd St. Is Turning Over

By Dave Fratello | July 29th, 2014

Sometimes it seems that the idea of selling just spreads along a street.

Last year, one standout was Rosecrans. This year, it's Wendy Way with a selling outbreak. (See "Wendy Keeps Running.")

With the new listing this week at 747 33rd (5br/5ba, 3800 sq. ft.), it feels like 33rd St. in the Tree Section is turning over at a good clip, too.

With a total of 6 listings/sales so far this year, these little 3 blocks west of Pacific might well give Wendy Way a run for its money when the final stats are compiled for 2014.

The "Santa Barbara" Spanish at 747 33rd is asking $2.875M, but it's hardly the priciest on the street.

You might look to 742 33rd (5br/6ba, 3975 sq. ft.), a Cape Cod with bonus square footage in the basement. That one came out at $2.998M in late June and has a deal now. (We mentioned that home on account of its most recent trade at $2.275M in 2011 in the post "Nice Bounceback on 33rd.")

Or for a really big number, take a gander at the newly closed, off-market sale at 769 33rd.

This one's got a 4 in front.

That's $4.100M for an oversized house (6br/5ba, almost 4900 sq. ft.) on an oversized lot (7400+ sq. ft.).

When new in 2008, this was called a "Spanish courtyard" home dripping with "absolutely primo finishes" and executed by the developer whose listings always call him a "master builder." The home was listed for $4.500M at the time, dropping to $3.950M, then quitting and evidently renting out.

To see 769 33rd sell now, 6 years after its market debut, calls to mind what happened right next door at the big spec house at 3305 Laurel (5br/5ba, 4300 sq. ft.), developed by the same (master) builder. That one came out in 2007 asking $3.750M, never sold, rented out and ultimately did sell just last year for $2.720M.

Early this year on 33rd, the jaw-droppingly-stunning custom Spanish at 633 33rd (4br/3ba, 3350 sq. ft.) sold for $2.815M.

A pretty penny for a not-so-huge, but very pretty house, to be sure (see our review from February), but less than the new (larger) listing at 747 and nearby 742 33rd.

Did you notice how the very high 2's are simply not unusual anymore?

Thinking smaller for a moment, though, we come to the 5th and 6th listings/sales on 33rd St. this year. 

First is the 3br mid-century modern at 576 33rd (3br/3ba, 2000 sq. ft.).

That one had a rough go on the market previously, unable to sell in 2011 for $1.475M.

This year, it sold quickly for $100K more than asking, pulling down $1.900M. The way things are going in the Trees, that's probably close to lot value.

563 33rd (4br/2ba, 1650 sq. ft.) is at the bottom of the block.

Newly listed, this one has an unusual layout and no true master, but is very nicely refreshed.

In its very tired condition back in 2010, the home sold for $1.050M.

Now, 563 33rd is asking $1.850M.

We count roughly 100 houses from Laurel down to Bell, so even if 6 seems like a lot of sales for the block, there could be more coming out right around the corner.

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