A $6M 2-Pack of THs

By Dave Fratello | January 29th, 2014

Before this year, do you want to guess how many non-Strand townhomes in Manhattan Beach have sold for more than $3M?

That's $3M+ for a unit that shares a lot and a wall with another.

Before this year: One.

Now, with 611 Bayview coming in at $3.250M, there are two.

And its partner came awfully close. That's 612 Manhattan Ave., the other half of the building, with the sale posting at $2.900M at mid-month.

Put them together, and this little high-end spec project just netted more than $6M.

The lot sure looks like a nice get at $2.2M – that was early 2012.

Before this week, the top non-Strand townhome sale was, surprisingly, from the down year of 2011.

205 27th (3br/3ba, 2870 sq. ft.) is a major, modern remodel of a 70s original on a very favorable lot just above Manhattan Ave. and with Parque Culiacán Bruce's Beach park as a neighbor. (Hello, unobstructable views!)

It sold for $3.125M off-market in Aug. 2011, arguably just before the current real estate market rally began. (We generally point to December 2011 as the time when the bell really rang.)

That was the record for 2+ years. But records are made to be broken.

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