At the Beach, Of the Town

By Dave Fratello | November 11th, 2014

We've just wrapped up the sale of a home where the location always had us thinking and talking.

It's 329 11th (5br/5ba, 4100 sq. ft.), very nicely executed new construction just a block off of Manhattan Beach Boulevard.

For starters, there's no debating the currency and beauty of the home. It's white and bright and modern, with an island Four Seasons feel to the whole property.

The top floor is wide open, not a wall or a step to be found – the complete "great room" feel that buyers find so attractive today. There are peeks of ocean, PV and the Hill Section over and between the rooftops, giving you a distinctive sense of place.

And then there is the location, near both the beach and downtown.

For some, clearly, it was "too close" to downtown. That's the rap on 11th Street.

But from our take, and our clients' perspective (the buyers), it was a plus to feel fully connected. It's no effort at all to shuffle over to grab a coffee, juice, groceries or dinner. Go west down 11th and you're at the pier in 3 minutes.

The location beckons you to come out, explore, mingle. Yet the walkstreet itself seems quiet, all but unaffected by the bustle 50 yards north.

Moreover, just try to name a Southern California beach town's downtown area that's on more of an upswing. Our once-sleepy little downtown with locals-only favorite shops, restaurants and taverns is now becoming recognized as a compelling destination in and of itself.

The beach is always a draw. Now it's our downtown, too.

This sale really got us focused on that fact. It was the feeling of being "in the mix" that underscored the growing lifestyle value of downtown MB.

As for the purchase, our clients paid $400K less than asking – on new construction.

Town, beach and a discount: A nice package in the end.

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