Banned in China

By Dave Fratello | March 26th, 2010
The Google is in the news on account of their trouble with Chinese internet censors.

You don't have to tell MBC about that; we've got the same problem. Kinda.

As reported recently by one jet-setting reader, MBC is blocked by the Chinese tech overlords.

What, the Communists have no use for $3m beach homes? 

For those of you heading abroad soon, we've also heard that some elements of the front page don't load right in Singapore, that the old search box didn't work right in Amsterdam (try the new Lijit search box next time you're there) and that internet service is surprisingly slow around Lake Como.

MBC's readership is, of course, mostly quite local, and definitely American (USA). Out of curiosity, we took a snapshot of a recent month's traffic, finding that our neighbors to the north (Canada) place second, hosting a few more MBC partisans than the old country (UK).

A couple of dozen Indians dreamed a dream about MB that month (perhaps some want to be a millionaire), while Japan and Mexico brought us a few dozen more, combined.

Another peek at traffic sources reveals California as the top state – no surprise – with New York second (almost all NYC) and Texas third (there's a surprise). Arizona, New Jersey and Virginia round out the top 6 states.

The 3 beach cities, MB, HB and Redondo, are tops for readership at the urban level, if we mark down the vast city of L.A. (and all its wannabe-city neighborhoods), which technically placed third.  Santa Monica outpolls NYC, but the Big Apple brings more readers than Torrance.

A big shout-out to you Burbankers, who come to MBC more frequently than San Francsicans (though maybe because the Burbankers are simply MB residents checking in from work), and another shout for Pittsburgh, PA, which for some reason brought us more visits in that sample month than Glendale or Beverly Hills. (No word yet on Scranton vs. Whittier.)

What we'd really like to see, but our analytics just can't seem to provide for now, is a breakdown of readership by subsection of MB. Do we have more in the Trees or the Sand, for instance? Is the Hill Section over- or under-represented for its size within MB?  (For what it's worth, MBC uses both Google Analytics and Clicky, the former being the gold standard, and the latter being simply great.)

We kid, of course. We like all our readers, in or out of MB, at home, at work or abroad.

Don't people realize, though, that walling off the Chinese nouveau riche from MBC is bad for business locally? Anyone game for a petition?

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