A Crash at 45th/Highland

By Dave Fratello | October 13th, 2007
The location problem for 4419 Highland was in stark relief last night.

Around 3:30am (Sat. Oct. 13), a taxi spun out and hit the fire hydrant right in front of the new home, unleashing a 30-foot fountain that spewed for about an hour.

A reader who lives nearby provided these photos, and reports that no one was hurt, but "something like this happens about once every month." The reader saw no evidence of damage to the home.

We're not in the business of wishing anyone ill here, so this is no cause for delight, but buyers ought to beware.

Meanwhile, if you're in the market for an El Porto SFR at around $1.6m, how about 225 39th, a foreclosure-flip/flop?

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