(Blush) MBC Called '#1 Consumer Real Estate Blog'

By Dave Fratello | July 31st, 2007
Too much. A very generous post on a Seattle RE blog (RainCityGuide.com) that features multiple real estate experts actually calls MBC the "#1 Consumer Real Estate Blog."

We promise not to believe the hype. But it's nice recognition for a few months' work, in the same sense that we've appreciated many readers' support.

So, what's the Seattle-MB connection?!?

The author of the post, Ardell DellaLoggia, once owned 714 MBB, the townhome whose current owner is now in a bit of a bind, but whose story has made good copy. (She was "two owners back" by her phrasing.)

Ardell & MBC have been in touch for some time strictly because of her past ownership of the subject property. But it happens she's a prolific and opinionated blogger in her own right, and a busy realtor as well.

We actually don't agree on everything about the role played by blogs like MBC, and she notes some errors we make here, given that your correspondent is a "layman." But in the end, she likes it, and we're grateful for the mention.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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