Britney, Bargain Hunter?

By Dave Fratello | January 31st, 2008
If you believe the gossip rags (is it even a rag, if it's online?), Britney Spears is officially our new neighbor. And she supposedly drove an impressively hard bargain, too.

Initially, we thought she'd be in that gated estate up in the Hermosa Beach part of the hill section near Gould. (See "What Britney Saw.") Now, we're told that's not so. Whom to believe in the world of gossip? Not our game.

These two reports (see here and here) contain the same basic information, that Britney paid about $6m and saved $2.5m on a Hermosa home. That basic description matched the known facts about the home she toured up on the hill, listed for several months at $8.58m. Even if it's not the singer's new place, we'll always remember the marketing on that one, with full-page color ads running week after week touting the fact that the home was "priced to sell at $8.58m." Once that property got linked to the singer it fell off the MLS and those ads stopped running – a warning… don't show Britney your house, ever.

Assume she really has bought a house around here... If this deal had been cut in MB, we'd award Britney the 2008 award for bargaining right now: 30% off, -$2.5m, wow.

As to having this troubled paparazzi magnet joining our community, we're finished with denial and argument. What's the next stage, exactly?

Wait, can we go back to denial? Our thanks to all who are helping.


UPDATE: This story has been changed from its original version.

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