Cheapest Sales of 2017

By Dave Fratello | May 4th, 2017

There's one word that doesn't arise much in a conversation about Manhattan Beach real estate: Cheap.

Whatever the meaning (inexpensive, shoddy), it's just not something that comes up in a world where $2M barely gets you a decent house.

For kicks, though, let's take a look at the least pricey homes to sell this year.

Spoiler alert: Not a single home has sold yet this year in Manhattan Beach for less than $1M.

Cheapest Sales of 2017 So Far

1420 12th Street 1 Manhattan Beach CA1420 12th St. #1 (3br/3ba, 1400 sqft.)

This remodeled front unit is located in East MB in a cluster of high-density development near Meadows and Polliwog Park.

Asking $1.075M, this one sold for $1.000M just last week.

It's the highest sale in the building (another unit once sold for $675K), and +$100K over acquisition for this seller, who got it for $900K in 2015 in remodeled condition.

225 Aviation Place Manhattan Beach CA225 and 207 Aviation Place (3br/3ba, ~1700 sqft. each)

These two units in the Manhattan Pointe ("point-y") complex are the second/third to ever sell over $1M.

225 got $1.020M in March.

207 got $1.039M in late April.

Worth noting: Last year, 209 Aviation Place fell just short of $1M with a sale at $999,900. (Seems like someone had a psychological barrier they could not overcome.)

But the Manhattan Pointe record holder, closing on the same day in May 2016 as 209 Aviation Place, is 301 Aviation Place at $1.077M.

21 Coronado Manhattan Beach CA21 Coronado Ct. (2br/2ba, 1450 sqft.)

This partly upgraded Village TH is one of two Village homes in the 12 sales this year under $1.3M. 

It closed for $1.050M in February.

A larger, upgraded-but-dated unit at 16 Monterey, closed in Jan. for $1.200M.

Looking to round out the list for 2017:

• Two Rosecrans cottages were the least-pricey sales in the Tree Section: 664 Rosecrans (2br/2ba, 800 sqft., $1.075M) and 722 Rosecrans (2br/1ba, 880 sqft., $1.140M).

• The cheapest conventional Tree Section SFR was on Marine at 2416 Pine (2br/1ba, 1030 sqft., $1.250M).

• The cheapest East MB SFR was a lot sale really at 1600 1st (4275 sqft. lot, $1.100M).

468 36th Place Manhattan Beach CA• The cheapest Sand Section home was a fairly spacious TH really far north on an alley: 468 36th Place (3br/4ba, 1900 sqft., $1.530M).

• The cheapest (ahem!) Hill Section sale was a likely lot sale at 510 N. Dianthus (5500 sqft. lot) at $1.720M. That one really looks great stacked up against similar sales before and after.

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