Clearing Out the Trees

By Dave Fratello | April 28th, 2016

In less than 2 weeks, inventory in the Tree Section has dropped quickly – mostly due to new sales.

As of April 15 this year, there were 32 listings in the almost-glutted Tree Section. There had been 14 active listings in the Tree Section exactly one year prior, so this was a huge difference... much more choice for buyers.

As of Thursday morning, inventory was back down to 22 active listings. Where did those other listings go? Here's our rundown (you can click any address to see more photos & details on any listing).

1313 Pine Avenue Manhattan Beach CA1313 Pine (5br/4ba, 3250 sqft.) is essentially new construction, purchased one year ago pre-completion and before it came to market for $3.290M.

It's an artistically done Cape Cod on a corner lot, which allows entry from the side. The kitchen/great room open perfectly via foldaway doors to a nice patio. Lots of details throughout this bright, white home recommended it.

The list price was $3.499M and it ran about a month before a buyer knocked.

1301 Pine (5br/4ba, 3300 sqft.) is a 2000-built Cape Cod with a big open living room at the entry and 4br on the top level. This one was completely redone head-to-toe by the most recent owners, who tossed aside the dated finishes in the kitchen and baths and redid the flooring. It's much more current. (You can see how dated it was in the photos from the June 2013 sale here.)

621 Marine Avenue Manhattan Beach CA621 Marine (5br/4ba, 3100 sqft.) is a custom-built Spanish on a nice block near the gaslamp district. The interior got a major, major custom overhaul. Somewhat surprisingly, it's been transformed into a chic, modern style, with black and white dominating the design.

Listed at $3.239M, this one had a buyer right away.

2408 Walnut Avenue Manhattan Beach CA2408 Walnut (5br/4ba, 3100 sqft.) is an 8-year-old custom-built home with some Cape Cod influences and a somewhat larger-than-expected backyard. (Side note: For whatever reason, Dave here is a sucker for a red roof.) Somehow, they got 5br all upstairs in this design without really shortchanging any of them.

This one came out asking $2.999M and hung around a bit. They made one cut to $2.899M and made their deal 10 weeks in.

724 36th Street Manhattan Beach CA724 36th (4br/4ba, 3350 sqft.) is officially a 1980s house, although the floorplan, with 2 small bedrooms downstairs and more upstairs, suggests a remodel/addition timed to around then. A lot of buyers would want to make updates.

The street-to-alley lot places the garage in back: Nice. Start price was $2.650M, followed by a bogus re-list, so that the listing now in escrow shows a $2.399M start price. It's newly in escrow.

3312 Maple Avenue Manhattan Beach CA3312 Maple (4br/3ba, 2240 sqft.) is the first and only "Hollywood Regency" style home we've seen advertised recently in Manhattan Beach. The home is truly high-style and a pleasant surprise.

It's on the smaller side for what families are typically chasing, and a bit north toward the refinery, but priced to account for both factors. In escrow now for the second time. List price was $2.320M.

1144 North Ardmore Avenue Manhattan Beach CA1144 Ardmore (3br/2ba, 1800 sqft.) is a 2-story remodel on the edges of downtown. The home's actually undersized for what is now permitted in this area of the Trees – 3 stories can now be built. Compelling at $1.700M, it lasted 3 weeks and is in escrow.

1716 Oak (2br/1ba, 875 sqft.) is the first little house along Oak to linger on the market in quite some time. This one's on the commercial side, backing up to two auto service businesses.

It took almost 2 whole months at $1.355M for a deal to be made – but they've got one now.

743 31st (5000 sqft. lot) came out in March at $1.950M, then quit, came back, went into escrow, came back, and now has a deal.

Last list price was $2.100M, near the going rate for that treasured street.

2833 North Valley Drive Manhattan Beach CA2833 N. Valley (2br/2ba, 1200 sqft.) is a smallish, but tidy, 1950s house on a slightly downsloping 5000 sqft. lot. 

When a seller is motivated, you can tell. This one launched on March 31 at $1.550M, made its first cut 10 days later and another cut in week 3.

The last list price of $1.375M was 11% down from start, but they sure did not linger. The handshake came within a month. Compelling for land or living.

3617 Elm (3br/2ba, 1200 sqft.) is comparable to 2833 Valley, but the market experience has been very different.

This rental-caliber, small home on Rosecrans came out 4 months ago much too high at $1.699M and overhyped. The sellers made no cuts till 3 weeks ago, and then it was 18% (-$300K) all at once to $1.398M. Newly in escrow.

652 Rosecrans (6br/6ba, 4730 sqft., 7300+ sqft. lot) has just quit the market after 6 months.

The listing launched in October last year at $2.999M, and gradually cut to $2.599M, but was still unable to make a deal.


UPDATE: By afternoon Thursday, there were 24 actives in the Tree Section.

Neither 22 nor 24 listings counts, exactly, as "clearing out" the area – as our headline here suggested. There are still more choices than last year, including new construction.

If you're viewing this post in your browser, you can see all current, active Tree Section listings below – newest listings first.

Address 1148 N Poinsettia Avenue BD/BA 3br/3ba SQFT 1977 sqft LOT 4470 PRICE $1,999,000 $PSF $1,011 DOM 0 DOM START $ $1,999,000 START 01/21/19
Address 1721 Elm Avenue BD/BA 5br/5ba SQFT 4254 sqft LOT 6724 PRICE $3,500,000 $PSF $823 DOM 3 DOM START $ $3,500,000 START 01/17/19
Address 2920 North Poinsettia Avenue BD/BA 3br/2ba SQFT 1939 sqft LOT 4636 PRICE $2,299,000 $PSF $1,186 DOM 3 DOM START $ $2,299,000 START 01/17/19
Address 2801 N Valley Drive BD/BA 2br/1ba SQFT 985 sqft LOT 2453 PRICE $1,349,000 $PSF $1,370 DOM 5 DOM START $ $1,349,000 START 01/16/19
Address 1716 Oak Avenue BD/BA 5br/6ba SQFT 3861 sqft LOT 4480 PRICE $3,299,000 $PSF $854 DOM 5 DOM START $ $3,299,000 START 01/15/19
Address 3600 Pine Avenue BD/BA 4br/2ba SQFT 1550 sqft LOT 4640 PRICE $1,764,000 $PSF $1,138 DOM 10 DOM START $ $1,764,000 START 01/10/19
Address 700 36th Street BD/BA 4br/3ba SQFT 2966 sqft LOT 5200 PRICE $2,799,000 $PSF $944 DOM 10 DOM START $ $2,799,000 START 01/10/19
Address 2009 Pine Avenue BD/BA 5br/5ba SQFT 3598 sqft LOT 4481 PRICE $4,150,000 $PSF $1,153 DOM 18 DOM START $ $4,150,000 START 12/28/18
Address 1012 Rosecrans Avenue BD/BA 3br/1ba SQFT 1319 sqft LOT 4879 PRICE $1,480,000 $PSF $1,122 DOM 47 DOM START $ $1,490,000 START 12/04/18
Address 3412 Palm Avenue BD/BA 2br/1ba SQFT 1163 sqft LOT 6154 PRICE $2,195,000 $PSF $1,887 DOM 49 DOM START $ $2,195,000 START 12/02/18
Address 3528 N Poinsettia Avenue BD/BA 3br/2ba SQFT 1550 sqft LOT 4640 PRICE $2,350,000 $PSF $1,516 DOM 53 DOM START $ $2,350,000 START 11/28/18
Address 1148 Elm Avenue BD/BA 3br/2ba SQFT 1678 sqft LOT 4477 PRICE $1,799,500 $PSF $1,072 DOM 55 DOM START $ $1,799,500 START 11/09/18
Address 3620 N Poinsettia Avenue BD/BA 3br/2ba SQFT 1350 sqft LOT 5312 PRICE $1,499,000 $PSF $1,110 DOM 58 DOM START $ $1,499,000 START 11/23/18
Address 2921 Laurel Avenue BD/BA 6br/8ba SQFT 5910 sqft LOT 6489 PRICE $5,995,000 $PSF $1,014 DOM 66 DOM START $ $6,495,000 START 10/18/18
Address 733 35th Street BD/BA 5br/6ba SQFT 3911 sqft LOT 5405 PRICE $2,980,000 $PSF $762 DOM 67 DOM START $ $2,980,000 START 11/14/18
Address 2805 Poinsettia Avenue BD/BA 5br/4ba SQFT 3409 sqft LOT 4641 PRICE $3,299,000 $PSF $968 DOM 87 DOM START $ $3,399,000 START 10/26/18
Address 3208 Pacific Avenue BD/BA 4br/3ba SQFT 3180 sqft LOT 4484 PRICE $2,549,000 $PSF $802 DOM 95 DOM START $ $2,650,000 START 10/17/18
Address 608 29th Street BD/BA 4br/3ba SQFT 2976 sqft LOT 4801 PRICE $3,249,000 $PSF $1,092 DOM 116 DOM START $ $3,249,000 START 09/26/18
Address 3617 Pacific Avenue BD/BA 5br/6ba SQFT 2800 sqft LOT 5013 PRICE $1,999,000 $PSF $714 DOM 122 DOM START $ $2,195,000 START 04/11/18
Address 2101 Agnes Road BD/BA 4br/5ba SQFT 4298 sqft LOT 4981 PRICE $4,249,000 $PSF $989 DOM 123 DOM START $ $4,249,000 START 09/19/18
Address 3604 Walnut Avenue BD/BA 5br/5ba SQFT 3249 sqft LOT 4645 PRICE $2,995,000 $PSF $922 DOM 124 DOM START $ $3,250,000 START 09/18/18
Address 717 35th Street BD/BA 4br/6ba SQFT 3558 sqft LOT 5404 PRICE $3,795,000 $PSF $1,067 DOM 124 DOM START $ $3,795,000 START 09/12/18
Address 755 31st Street BD/BA 4br/5ba SQFT 4055 sqft LOT 5012 PRICE $3,500,000 $PSF $863 DOM 160 DOM START $ $3,500,000 START 08/13/18
Address 3401 Maple Avenue BD/BA 5br/4ba SQFT 3237 sqft LOT 4646 PRICE $3,200,000 $PSF $989 DOM 188 DOM START $ $3,400,000 START 07/17/18
Address 3311 Elm Avenue BD/BA 6br/7ba SQFT 5320 sqft LOT 8758 PRICE $4,990,000 $PSF $938 DOM 202 DOM START $ $5,250,000 START 06/26/18
Address 709 26th Street BD/BA 5br/6ba SQFT 5121 sqft LOT 5120 PRICE $4,995,000 $PSF $975 DOM 230 DOM START $ $5,495,000 START 06/04/18

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