Craigslist Craziness - Update

Posted by Dave Fratello on Tuesday, April 14th, 2009 at 4:56pm.

It's been 3 solid weeks now since 432 24th absolutely had to be sold "by end of next week." (See "Craigslist Craziness.")

According to the current Craiglist listing, it now must be sold "by end of next week."

Or "by Tuesday" (today?!?) according to this listing of the same property – at $150k less.

Act quicker, same more!

Just about the only thing that has changed in 3 weeks is that the listing has dropped off the MLS. It would appear to be a Craigslist exclusive at this point. If that sounds obscure, at least there are still the constant, serial postings, several per week.

By the end of one of these weeks, they may even have a deal.
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