Creepy Carrie Makes the Sale

By Dave Fratello | June 23rd, 2011
It was fun to chat with a reader just yesterday who recalled MBC's story on the bizarre MLS photos from a particular Hermosa listing. We don't go outside MB much in our coverage, but that one was worth it.

Turns out there's a little news on that listing...

First, to recap: In a pre-Halloween story last year, we discussed this strange little-girl doll's placement throughout the listing pics for 941 13th in Hermosa. (See "Creepy Carrie Hawks an HB Listing.")

For a Daily Breeze column in January (available here), we spoke to the listing agent who had initiated the placement of the doll in all the pics. We called her crazy, but maybe "crazy like a fox," given all the multimedia attention that her listing got after those pics were published.

Now, Creepy Carrie, or the Bride of Chucky, or whatever you want to call her, can say she contributed to a closed sale. 941 10th just closed for $900k this week.

Did the doll actually help the sale, or just inspire nightmares?

As we wrote in January in the Breeze, the MLS actually ordered all the doll pics removed early this year. Not because they were disturbing or featured on Ellen Degeneres' show (though they were!), but because of some arcane rule about "objects" in listing photos.

So whoever bought 941 13th probably had no idea of this strange history.

They probably were more interested in the fact that the sellers finally got realistic.

After a start at $1.225m, the home actually sold for $900k (-$325k/-27% from start).

Price or pics? Looks like price was the most important factor, again.

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