East MB Bucket (3)

By Dave Fratello | August 8th, 2008
Time for the third in our occasional series of reader forums on East Manhattan Beach.

Here we count on readers, realtors and others to post info, questions and answers on active listings in East MB.

First, a note about the border. On PCH this week there was news (via the Daily Breeze):

Two lanes of northbound Sepulveda Boulevard in Manhattan Beach were closed Wednesday afternoon after a sinkhole opened in the road.

The right and center lanes were shut down about 4 p.m. near Longfellow Avenue, police said.

Public works crews were figuring out what caused the hole to develop.

No accidents resulted. Crews temporarily filled the hole to allow rush-hour traffic through.

Let's give it up for the work crews. That "sinkhole" was invisible by late Weds. The new Skechers building is right there, and you have to guess they're breathing a sigh of relief. The sinkhole didn't spread, and, also, Crocs knockoffs are still popular. Good fortune.

Regarding EMB, your blog author (and perchance some readers) could benefit from a little Manhattan Village 101.

True story: A long time ago, seeking to buy in MB for the first time, your blog author engaged a highly-recommended realtor. One clear criterion for the home search: "Not interested in Manhattan Village."

Said realtor set up the first round of home tours. Two of 3 were in Manhattan Village. Said realtor was fired.

As a result, we've got no real knowledge of The Village. We don't know Plan 1 from a Hole in 1.

What are all these different Plans and layouts?

What's great about The Village that big-name sports stars get, but not everyone else does?

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