Enduring Mystery

Posted by Dave Fratello on Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 at 3:48am.

Last year around this time, MBC expressed some surprise at "the strangest re-list we've come across yet." (See "Relistery Mystery.")

In May 2007, a home listed as 232 16th hit the market at $4.5m.

In July 2007, that listing canceled, but the same home returned to the MLS with a new address: 234 16th. The home also sported a new custom-painted address to mark the change.

Whatever that was really all about, it didn't sell the house. It rented out instead.

Now it's back on the market, $200k lighter than last year's price.

And despite the custom address art, it's up as 232 16th again. For now.
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