The Fisher King (& Queen)

By Dave Fratello | September 11th, 2008
They've finally finished 2 giant new, neighboring homes on Fisher Ave. This continues that tiny, once-humble Tree Section street's transformation into the Land of the Titans, as MBC opined earlier this year. (See "Street Smarts" for a detailed description of the little, unknown avenue.)

The King: 1212 Fisher (pictured; click for more pics & details via Redfin) boasts 5br/6ba and 5825 sq. ft., filling out a 4500 sq. ft. lot, quite large for the area. Style is sleekly modern. The listing copy sings that it's a "timeless modern cathedral ... [s]oaring proudly above town." Starts at $5.950m.

The Queen: 1208 Fisher (click for details) offers 4br/4ba and 4750 sq. ft. on a 3000 sq. ft. lot next door, to the south. It's a high-style modern, too, comparable to, but different from, the King. Bonus: A "rooftop yard." Starts at $4.995m.

Both homes are real achievements, years in the making. They add to the burgeoning high-end inventory in MB west of Sepulveda, where we already had 14 listings above $4.5m before the King & Queen joined the game.

Redevelopment on Fisher has seemed to be on a tear recently. Down the short block at 12th St., two more new homes are under construction – both custom builds for the owners, one of whom just grabbed the lot (1148 Fisher) for nearly $1.7m in July 2006. The design on that one is really striking, one-of-a-kind, ultra-modern with lots of glass and shocking curves... worth a drop-by.

The tiny stretch from 12th to 13th (half the street) consists of just 6 lots. Of those, 4 have now been replaced with newbies since 2001.

The corner house at 13th/Fisher (612 13th), the first to get scraped, sprouted into a 4400 sq. ft. manse in 2001. It sold for $1.775m, which may have seemed like a lot at the time. Check this – the price per square foot on that one as a newbie was $406/PSF. Good luck finding anything at all decent in MB for $400/PSF today.

And if you think this is the end on Fisher, you're wrong. The next to go: 1204 Fisher, purchased at about the same time as the lots for the King & Queen for $1.7m by the same developers.

If the King & Queen prove to be profitable, the little red brick house at 1204 Fisher could be transformed into the Jack. (Such a development, not incidentally, will also ruin the temporary views to the south that the Queen currently enjoys.)

An aside: The same agent sold all 4 lots mentioned in this story – 1204-1212 Fisher plus 612 13th, and is now repping the King & Queen. However he worked that magic, you must admit it's very sweet.

This little block is a bit of a microcosm of MB's recent redevelopment. Looking forward, scraping 1204 Fisher would mean the end of a home built in 1929, but the oldest home on the block is the as-yet-uncompromised neighbor at 1200 Fisher, built in 1928.

Like isolated pockets of MB, perhaps that one will escape this housing cycle, too, and remain original. Watch out next cycle, though.

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