Going for 6

By Dave Fratello | June 22nd, 2010
The Lakers celebrated their 16th title Monday, while a Tree Section listing opened a new chapter in the local real estate record books by entering its sixth consecutive year trying to sell.

None of the other attempts at 3309 Pacific, touching parts of 5 years from 2005-2009, have worked. Could this be the year?

We can't add much to MBC's February 2009 review of the home and its for-sale history, "A Long, Strange Listing," which included this passage:

It's the beacon in the fog. The Rock of Gibraltar. Old Faithful.

3309 Pacific is, quite simply, always for sale.
Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. (For the on-and-off-market history, see the Redfin link above – it's surely the longest rap sheet you've ever read.)

3309 Pacific is big (4br/5ba, 3500 sq. ft.) but, as we once noted, "a bit off-kilter." The 1950 original was updated in the 70s or 80s and added onto pre-ZORP. There's some decent outdoor space out back, terraced and paved, but space nonetheless.

Many readers are familiar with the house from its extensive past, so we'll just note this: The listing quit last October (see "Bouncing Balls," which predicted the listing's return) at $1.249m, and is back now, again, at $1.249m.

That's quite a step down from $1.799m in Summer 2005, $1.599m in 2006, $1.399m in 2008, and so on...

Could this be the year?

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