Great Streets: Pacific (Hills)

By Dave Fratello | February 26th, 2008
Depending on where you live or drive around town, you might have very different ideas about Pacific Ave.

In the Trees, Pacific can be just plain busy – i.e., not very "pacific." If you're headed north in the morning (or any time), you've got refinery stacks in your sights as you shuffle toward Rosecrans.

But whoa, what a completely different story Pacific Ave. is over in the Hill Section. It's perhaps the city's premier ocean-view street, particularly in the stretch between 6th-10th St. Here, "Pacific" actually means you will see a lot of the Pacific Ocean. Big-blue-marble-type views. (Those power lines are on the way down.)

In short, when you say "Hill Section" and think "ocean view," Pacific ought to be your next thought.

(Please forgive MBC for the moderate quality of our snapshots. John Post hasn't returned calls seeking free services on our behalf. To be honest, these are views that are awfully hard to take in adequately as a single person scanning the horizon; a mere camera is just going to chop the experience down further anyway.)

There's one active listing that takes full advantage of this view: 700 8th, just a couple of doors west of Pacific. The sellers seek $8m there, banking in part on the views.

Another big factor in Pacific's favor: The relative homogeneity of the newer construction. There is a fairly long stretch at the top of the hill in which all the homes share a similar style – call it "Cape Cod" if you will. (Who are these Boston people naming our beach-style homes?) Several were built in the same period of the mid-late 1990s.

Maybe you don't realize how choppy, uneven and disconcerting the newer development in MB really is until you see a row of homes that are stylistically consistent with one another. On Pacific, particularly on the view side, you've got classic beach estates uncluttered by Caliterraneans, Tuscans, Contemporaries and Old Shacks. Did someone actually develop a vision in this area, somehow?

For the views and the vision, Pacific is one of MB's great streets.

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