Half Lot Breaks $1.4M

By Dave Fratello | June 6th, 2014

There has been an odd rush of landlocked half-lot homes this year, as we noted just a few weeks ago. (See "Year of the Landlocked Half Lot.")

The second of these to come to market recently was 333 8th (1br/1ba, 765 sq. ft.), a quirky little place, fully built of brick, but in a great mid-block location on the treasured flat family walkstreets of the South End.

They listed it for $1.200M because, hey, what's something like this worth? No garage, no street access, tiny place, can't be built up... How do you do the math?

The answer: $1.447M, with the sale closing Friday.

That's within range of a somewhat larger, nicer home with slightly more land that was the first landlocked half-lot home to sell, 124 17th (2br/1ba, 880 sq. ft.).

When that one sold for $1.540M, we said, "It's Worth What They'll Pay." That's how you know how much one of these unusual properties is worth. You just put it out in the world and see.

Turns out, 17th got a little remodel after purchase.

Next up: 329 9th St. (2br/2ba, 900 sq. ft.), the "biggest" of the bunch and hands-down the prettiest at the time it hit the market. They sought $1.700M and made a quick deal.

We're figuring that one's worth... whatever someone will pay for it.

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