Highest-Priced Sales of 2021: Tree Section of Manhattan Beach

By Dave Fratello | January 6th, 2022

We continue our look back at sales in the year that was with a focus on top sales in the Tree Section.

Martyrs Division

It is often the case that the neighborhoods right around the American Marytrs church, with bigger lots and pricier properties, host some of the top sales in the Tree Section. And that's true this year, too, but there were big numbers in other parts of the Trees as well.

656 17th Street Manhattan Beach CA656 17th (6br/7ba, 5043 sqft.) is a nearly new home that actually sold first in Aug. 2020 (for $6.325M).

Things changed and this one re-sold 14 months later for 11% more: $7.050M. 

The 2020 description called it a "modern farmhouse" in style, and featured opulent appointments throughout the home, including open floorplan, swanky master primary suite and a basement with wine room.

Hey, 3 levels in Martyrs on one of the most exclusive streets, the cul-de-sac, that's a pretty nice mix.

2101 Agnes Road Manhattan Beach CA2101 Agnes (5br/5ba, 4671 sqft.) is an ultra custom modern on a superb block.

Somewhat like the top sale, this one had traded recently, although it was Spring 2019 (at $3.930M).

The resale this time came in at $4.800M.  

There's one other big sale in Martyrs that we're not featuring, 641 18th (4br/3ba, 3800 sqft.) on a ~6950 sqft. lot. The property was sold off-market with special circumstances for a premium, at $7.850M. While that is the high sale posted on the MLS, we don't view that as a true market price.

Suburban Division

772 26th Street Manhattan Beach CA772 26th (6br/7ba, 5936 sqft.) is a prestigious custom build on a grand, upsloping corner lot. The position of the house on its little hill gives the home a great sense of space, looking out over treetops and rooftops to the east that seem to go on and on.

The home, too, has tons of space (almost 6000 sqft. in the Trees!) and a pleasant connection between the family room and backyard with pool & waterfall.

Like some others noted here, this home, built in 2015, last traded fairly recently (Oct. '18 at $6.525M), and in 2021 sold for $6.900M. 

559 31st Street Manhattan Beach CA559 31st (6br/8ba, 4942 sqft.) is a 2019 build that sold in 6 days way-back-then, and in 2 days this time in 2021.

This one features unique elements that could be said to be borrowed from the "farmhouse" aesthetic that has gained some currency, though neither the 2019 listing nor the 2021 listing used that term. A bunch of that square footage is from the (now expected) basement entertainment room.

Location down at the bottom of 31st near the Sand Dune and parklets nearby is a delight.

New in 2019: $5.200M. In Nov. 2021: $6.100M.

Overbids Division

Gotta say at the outset, we're surprised that 2 of the top 3 overbids of the year were within one block of Rosecrans and the refinery. To wit:

587 36th Street Manhattan Beach CA587 36th (2br/2ba, 2020 sqft.) is simply a masterpiece of ultramodern, warm design.

But it's just 2 bedrooms.

No worries. The bidding was fierce.

The starting price: $2.679M.

When it was all done: $3.212M.

The overbid of $533K was the most money bid over asking price anywhere in the Tree Section for all of 2021.

1900 Walnut Avenue Manhattan Beach CA1900 Walnut (5br/4ba, 3150 sqft.) offers perhaps a more conventional type of Tree Section property, a 2003 Nantucket with a rear great room, front living room with 2-story ceilings, nice backyard (for the Trees) and so forth.

Finishes were largely original, although the home was refreshed.

You just knew when they launched at $3.300M in October that this was never going to sell for $3.300M.

The market did its magic, bidding the home up by $531K to $3.831M, narrowly missing top honors for overbids in the Trees.

3528 Poinsettia (3br/2ba, 1571 sqft.) is a recently remodeled original cottage.

The ultramodern look is pretty L.A., but warm in its way. What would be the driveway and garage have been claimed as outdoor space and extra family space, so the available living space is a bit greater than the ~1600 noted in the listing.

If we tell you this home also sold recently, will you be surprised? It's a theme with many of the year's top sales, for whatever reason.

In March 2019, already renovated, the home sold for $2.115M, more than $225K below asking. 

Things were different this past year, as they listed for $2.499M but saw the price get bid up by $376K to $2.875M.

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