Hills Coming Up 8's Too

By Dave Fratello | October 30th, 2009
It's funny how numbers run sometimes. You can pad your wallet in Vegas, or lose it.

Last week, MBC had a post about 3 separate Sand Section closings, all of which came in near each other in the $800s. (See "Sand Dirt in the 8's.")

Now, 3 sales (new escrows) in the Hill Section all have addresses starting with an 8.

To wit:

815 2nd (5br/5ba, 4725 sq. ft.), the blue new construction currently subject to a bankruptcy court sale, got a first mention last week in "Bouncing Balls." (Listing may still be viewed while in "backup offer" status.) Last posted at $2.899m, but we don't think these buyers will pay that.
    822 John is a boxy brick house (pictured) with plenty of space (5br/4ba, 3725 sq. ft.) on a semi-prime corner-lot. The home has some updates since its 1989 construction.
      John began at $2.389m and was down to $1.998m before a buyer knocked.

      Some might say it was getting near dirt value, but, as with the Tree Section, sometimes people just want a decent house in the 90266 – it doesn't need to be high-gloss. One to watch.

      808 Duncan Place (5br/5ba, 3525 sq. ft.) is not huge for the Hills, but does offer ocean views.
        This 10-year-old custom build may look pretty current. That's partly because the same architect has put up lots of work around town since this one.

        Several MBC readers were positively enthused
        about the house after seeing it.

        Listing began at $2.399m in July and was down a bit to $2.249m recently.

        That's some pretty decent action for October.

        Speaking of which – to any of our readers headed to Vegas or similar gaming environs, please drop $20 on #8 at the roulette table for your blog author. We can share the winnings.

        Please see our blog disclaimer.

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