Hopin' Forum (1/20/09-1/26)

By Dave Fratello | January 20th, 2009
Not every president looks good in a bathing suit. You'll probably have to reach back to the early 1960s for the last one.

The world was different then, by a lot. And it changes again Tuesday.

You have to wonder what motivates someone to seek high office. The old curse kicks in pretty quickly: Be careful what you wish for, for you shall surely get it.

To be president now is no mere rock-star tour. It's about the most depressing possible mix of circumstances one could imagine – even without the talk of an actual Depression.

Regardless of your politics, you have to hand it to the new guy. This quadrennial ritual of renewal is just different with him taking over. He'll inspire. And he's just smart and serious enough to give people who didn't support him the sense that he might handle the job pretty well. (And if not, so much the better for the opposing party in 4 years.)

We'll ask readers here to offer up your hopes and expectations for the new administration. (Hence the "Hopin' Forum" title.) What might go right under new leadership? What's the best thing the new president can do, or not do? You can speak to politics, economics or housing – whatever strikes.

Yes, we've dabbled in politics before here at MBC and kinda regretted it. But we do know that 56% of MB voters supported the new president. And this time-honored peacetime transfer of power does allow for a few moments of less-partisan reflection. So we're giving it one more go.


Of course, this thread is also the "Open Forum" for the week, so, as always, please use this week's "Open Forum" thread for news clips, off-topic questions & discussions of (virtually) any nature. Keep it clean.

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