Lease-Option House in Escrow

By Dave Fratello | September 7th, 2007
Did MBC credit the sellers of 217 Sea View with being "creative and aggressive in their marketing"? Yes, we did.

Are they in escrow now, less than 3 weeks after hitting the MLS? Yes, they are.

Are we surprised? Yes.

Are we happy for the flippers who rebuilt this house, though they made some questionable decisions? Yes.

How many SFRs sold in the Sand Section in August? Three (3).

And in September, so far? Zero.

Do we concur with this comment on the previous story, in light of the reported new escrow?
Lease-options like this one could well become more common, particularly if they are internally financed..
Yes, even though we don't know yet whether this sale was on the tricky terms offered by the sellers or through more conventional financing.

Will MBC use the self-Q-&-A format in a lot of future stories?


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