Local Issues: Dead, Not Dead

By Dave Fratello | December 4th, 2009

Dead this week: utility undergrounding.

Those that have it already might be largely thankful.

Those who won't get it are largely thankful.

Really, everybody wins?

The last nail was hammered in the coffin this week.

Maybe we can try again in the next upcycle.

(Photo: Curbed LA.)

Also dead: free holiday parking.

As this Beach Reporter story tries desperately to dramatize, this year MB and other local cities are "bagging" the practice of offering free holiday-season parking for shoppers downtown. (Typically the seasonal freebies have been announced with the placement of Santa-themed bags over the meters. "Bagging," get it?)

On the other hand, we've still got those cheap(er) downtown parking rates, still 75 cents an hour. (See "50 Cents Means A Lot.") 

Curiously, one reason for no free parking this year is the uncertainty that it actually helps business. According to the mayor:
The whole point was to increase business for downtown merchants and the chamber [of commerce] is not even certain it does that.
The same could be said of the city's costly decision to drop local rates down to 75 cents again back in Spring, but let's not beat a dead horse. We kinda like the 3-quarter rate, right?

Folks, do not go to Hermosa. Your blog author recently parked near their pier (sacrilege!) and they are still charging $1.25/hr.  Local businesses must be devastated.

NOT dead: MB pier fireworks, but we hear there was a close call.

Maybe you remember back in October, when promoting the Pumpkin Races, MBC said of the city's decision to drop funding for the pumpkins:
What's next, luminaria on the pier instead of fireworks at Christmas?
That was, by some standard, a joke. But when a couple sponsors recently dropped out of funding for the fireworks festival, there was some risk of no pyrotechnics over the pier this year.

Alas, new sponsors came along, and not unlike the rescue of the pumpkin races, the show will go on. That's in 10 days, Sun. Dec. 13. 

Alive as ever: The Sandpipers' Holiday Homes Tour is on again this weekend. As you may know, there's the craft boutique at Martyrs and, on the real estate front, tours of 3 homes decked out for the season. Always enjoyable.

For more on the 3 homes on this year's tour, follow this link. (More event info is along the top of the page there.)

For online ticket purchases ($25 presale, $30 @ door), click here.

For a chance at discount tickets, email: mbholidayhometour@gmail.com

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